Kids Water Camp

1 08 2011

Kids Water Camp was the perfect way to beat the 27 degree heat on July 26th here at the Torrent River! It was a bright sunny day. We had spent the morning filling pools and buckets with water, prepping hundreds of water balloons. We were covered with flour from rolling out thirty salmon shaped pizza doughs not to mention the candy and string we spent an hour untangling!

Nikita and I were thankful to have the Green Team with us that morning! Brady, Matthew, Diana and Ashlyn started bright and early pulling things together with us – all in preparation for 2:00pm when the kids would arrive. We were prepared for maybe 17 and with our numbers from previous kids camps as our guides we were hoping we might reach that many kids.

When 1:30pm the chaos really started – that is, the kids started arriving! They started coming early and all afternoon more kids kept joining us! We had 27 kids in attendance! And the parents stayed as well to see all the fun! So, there was quite a crowd on site that day!  

We began by having all the kids decorate their own salmon shaped kid size pizzas! They were the perfect snack size! I was sceptical at first when Nikita posed the idea but we went with it  – and the kids LOVED it! Pepperoni, salami, sauces and cheese got passed around and each kids made their own, leaving them for our capable staff to cook while the kids had all the fun!

We had a ton of great water games for the kids to play! Water balloon tossing game, bobbing for apples, a water balloon salmon habitat learning game, build a salmon with marshmallows, build a salmon’s armour, etc! The kids were soaked! We were soaked! And it was a riot!

Right before the kids were done their games we headed back to grab those salmon shaped pizzas we made  – finishing the day with a delicious lunch!

Big thanks go out to the Green Team for helping make the day possible!  Looking forward to seeing all you kids back next year for even more fun at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center!


Getting Started


The dough is all ready for the Salmon Pizzas!


Everyone Gets One!


Toppings All Around!


Sauce All Around!




Bobbing for Apples


Sometimes you need a little help!


Brady gets one for the Green Team!


Water Balloons Always Equals FUN!


Salmon Redd Game


Almost Ready to GO!


Kids Water Camp – July 26

20 07 2011

The few short summer days have inspired us here at the Torrent River!

We’re hosting a Kids WATER Camp on July 26th!

Kids are encouraged to come prepared to get WET!
We’ll be playing water games, learning about the salmon of the Torrent River, eating yummy snacks and having fun!
Kids ages 5-11 are welcome to attend. Admission is $5.00 per kid.

If the weather does not permit our water activities, we’ll be bringing everything inside for a great time too!


Torrent River Walking Club

14 07 2011














The Torrent River Walking Club kick started on June 25th at 9:00am at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center! It was a great turn out and a beautiful day as friends frm the community came together.

Christine Power, local Public Health Nurse with the Rufus Guinchard Memorial Hospital, shared a short presentation with participants regarding a healthy lifestyle including good food choices and physical activity. The walk commenced then with the cutting of the ribbon as the official opening of the new one kilometre John Hogan Trail Extension. The club’s particpants returned to the building to find delicious fruits and bottled water available for them! It was an awesome morning and one that encouraged us to expect more great walks together over the summer of 2011.

Now two weeks later the walking club is still going strong! The sun seems to find it’s way to the Torrent River on Walking Club Days and there’s a great sense of community as the walk ensues promptly at 10:30am – unless we’re waiting on a person or two!

If you’re interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with physical activity at the core, don’t do it alone! There’s always room for more – in fact the more the merrier! So bring a bottle of water and a good pair of running shoes and join us!














The Walking Club scheduled walks are as follows:
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30am.
Meet at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center!
An interpreter will accompany all walking club members on the walk!

For more information call Nikita Penney (709) 248-4066 or email


6 07 2011

It’s true! The salmon have finally arrived! It’s hard to tell who’s more thrilled – our visitors seeing the salmon for the first time or the staff who see them everyday year in and year out! There’s something so magnificent about the creature and to really be able to stare that large wild Atlantic Salmon right in the eye is remarkable – no matter how often you do it!

Yesterday evening the first few made their way in to the viewing area. It was about 4:30pm and I had gone downstairs to the viewing area with a young tourist couple. We chatted while looking at the empty water, picturing the fish was the best we could do. After about ten minutes we went back to the building and the couple went for a trip to the viewing deck at the base of the falls. I went to the viewing chamber about three minutes later with another elderly couple with the same thoughts in mind, to discuss these fish we couldn’t quite see yet.

When we made our downstairs THERE THEY WERE! Three Atlantic Salmon swimming around and around the final pool of the 34 elevated pools of the Torrent River Fishway! I must have scared the wits out of that elderly gentleman when I squealed with excitement! We’ve been waiting quite some time for these precious silver fish to arrive and finally there they were! We admired the fish and chatted for some time. As we came upstairs to head back in the building I saw the younger couple from earlier making their way to from the viewing deck at the base of the falls! I shouted out to them to come on in – the salmon had arrived! They ran all around the building and inside, and we near ran downstairs together! What a time!

This morning there were another 30+ salmon in the viewing area of the ladder! So numbers are going up and the salmon are moving! And we’re still just as excited as yesterday!

If you are in Hawke’s Bay, NL anytime this summer be sure to come to the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center! We have. . .

  •  Fascinating exhibits that share the story of the Torrent River, the fishway and how through community and governmental partnerships the Torrent River has been restocked to now be the province’s most successful salmon enhancement project!
  • A viewing deck at the base of the Torrent River Falls giving you full view of the Torrent River fishway and the falls! Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see a a salmon jumping there!
  • A beautiful 3 km boardwalk extending from the Torrent River Nature Park in Hawke’s Bay to the Salmon Interpretation Center in at the Falls
  • A 1 km boardwalk extension  departing from the Interpretation Center to head back inside to a breathtaking view of the Torrent River and the Long Range mountains!
  • And MOST AMAZINGLY the Torrent River Fishway with a viewing chamber so that you can stare a wild Atlantic Salmon right in the eye!

For more information call Ashley Baker at (709) 248 4066

Paying Tribute to Rufus

1 07 2011

Rufus Guinchard has always been an integral story in the history of the Town of Hawke’s Bay, NL. Many of Rufus’ dear friends and family still reside in the picturesque town and his memory lives on in their hearts but also in the music he left behind. As the Symposium plans moved forward it seemed only fit that we pay tribute to Rufus Guinchard – the man and the music that left such a mark on our community but on the world, as well.

Friday June 24th began the Torrent River Salmon Symposium with the Tribute to Rufus Guinchard musical event. To look around the room and see such a vast audience of people reminded each of us of the vast impact of the man. We began the night by welcoming mayor Lloyd Bennett to bring a tribute. Lloyd knew Rufus for a number of years and shared parts of Ruf’s story with the audience, highlighting his achievements (being awarded the Order of Canada) and his fun loving personality (that was always up for a game or several of crib before the evening darkened). It was a beautiful tribute that showed the depth of friendship the two shared but also the heart of the man that younger generations have not been blessed to know.

The entertainment for the evening was perfectly chosen. Daniel Payne played a number of Ruf’s good ole tunes on the fiddle, Ruf’s instrument, and the audience tapped their feet and clapped their hands along to the lively beat of the original scores. Anita Best shared the stage with Daniel by sharing stories of Ruf’s life on the road with a band half his age and the energy that helped him keep up with them. Anita also brought a number of beautiful unaccompanied pieces to the audience.

It was a beautiful evening of memories and music – one which I suppose Rufus himself would have enjoyed.

Enjoying the Tribute given by Lloyd Bennett











Daniel Payne plays one of Rufus Guinchard fiddle tunes.


Anita Best sings a beautiful song unaccompanied.


Daniel Payne and Anita Best preform a French number!


Enjoying the entertainment.


Uncle Manuel Milks the Cow!

Fly Fishing Delights Salmon Dinner – A Tremendous Success!

1 07 2011

The Fly Fishing Delights Salmon Dinner at the Torrent River Salmon Symposium was all we hoped it could be and more! Saturday June 25th at 6:30pm the evening started and it was an engaging and entertaining time from the start! So much happened in such a short period of time it seemed!

The evening began with the meal – a delicious tossed salad served by the staff of Maynard’s Torrent River Inn, followed by a perfectly cooked Atlantic Salmon fillet (cooked as it should be with a touch of maple syrup), mashed potatoes and veggies. A maple dessert with tea or coffee were deliciously enjoyed as the evening really began. Don Hustins brought a short presentation introducing intrigued guests to his book “Rivers of Dreams”. An auctioned item – a framed limited edition Blue Putee salmon fly – rapidly sold for $400.00 with proceeds going to support ongoing work and development of the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center.

The Fly Tying Reception was an incredible opportunity for locals and visitors to meet authors Mike Crosby and Don Hustins, as well as to engage with fly tier Hans van Klinken. Hans tied a number of flies and welcomed guests to take a couple with them. The women were especially thankful for the men to be shooed aside so they could take home a fly hand tied by children from Holland – brought to Canada just for them!

Our special guest speakers were the highlight of the evening. Kate Blubaugh, ambassador of the International Women Fly Fishers from Reno, spoke from her heart as she shared with the women of the audience about the birth of her love for the art of fly fishing and it’s ability to unite people – both men and women – regardless of age, origin or race. It was an honour to share our river, our hearts and the evening with her. Hans van Klinken, fly tier, author and photographer from Harskamp, Netherlands, share also about the birth of his passion for fly fishing as a young child growing up in rural Holland. He spoke of his love for Newfoundland and our unique rivers, as well as his experiences fly fishing for a number of different types of fish around the world. His humour and heart were a welcome guest around the table and the room that evening.

The evening then closed with a number of thank-yous to our incredible sponsors who made the evening such a tremendous success – Oh and yes – we can’t forget the traditional Kitchen Party in Bristol’s Pub! What an evening – it’s one we won’t soon forget!

Enjoying a delicious dinner !


Enjoying dinner

Don Hustins shares an excerpt from "Rivers of Dreams"


Taking home a fly tied by Hans


And now the women get a turn! Picking a fly tied by a child frmo Holland!


Paul White, author of “Fishing for Reality”, auctioning the “Blue Putee”

Kate Blubaugh shares of the ability of fly fishing to unite and heal the hearts of women


Hans shares his love of fly fishing all over the world!


International fly tier, Hans van Klinken, poses with local Hawke's Bay resident Andrew Sinnicks, holding a framed "Ned" tied by Andrew - a fly designed by Ned Sinnicks of Hawke's Bay.


Regina Rumbolt poses with Hans van Klinken and Kate Blubaugh


From one fisherman to another - Ashley Baker poses with Kate Blubaugh, ambassador for the International Women Fly Fishers

Kids Camp at the Torrent River Salmon Symposium

1 07 2011

The Torrent River Salmon Symposium was the place to be for kids on June 25th -26th! We planned a kids camp full of pirates, superheros and salmon – our specialty! We aimed for a jolly big crew and boy did we ever get them!

Saturday June 25th the kids starting off on a Geocaching Adventure. After a short presentation by summer student Cherell from the Department of Environment and Conservation and an introduction to Geoaching, Newfoundland Rangers, Dean Smith and Garcian Plowman, led the kids by GPS in Ranger formation off into the great “unknown”. Although they didn’t find their geocache, the kids placed their own and made their way back to a pleasant surprise! International fly tier, author and photographer Hans van Klinken was ready to show the kids the ins and outs of fly tying! And also Kate Blubaugh ambassador for the International Women Fly Fishers was ready to teach the kids how to cast a line – with a pink fishing rod! The kids got to spend lots of time with each of the special guests and even got to take home fishing flies tied by kids in Holland – Hans’ native land! Thanks to Mrs. van Klinken – we got a ton of great photos to share with you! Check them out below!

Sunday June 26th the fun continued for our kids and we played with the pirates and superheros theme a bit more! The kids started off on a great hunt – the treasure was a map! Kind of a little weird eh?! But that map helped the kids learn all about the unique and special migration routes of our Atlantic Salmon! With more games, a trip to the Torrent Falls, snacks and the chance to make their very own treasure, it turned out to be a beautiful day – and a whole lot of fun!

Check out all of the pictures from the kids time below!

Kate Blubaugh teaching Casting

Newfoundland Rangers - Dean Smith and Garcian Plowman

Lesson time with Ashley


Picking out flies made by kids in Holland


Girl loves fly tying too!


Boys learning how to cast with Kate Blubaugh


Picking out flies made by kids in Holland


Getting a quick lesson from Hans van Klinken


Never too young to learn something new!