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Where the Water Still Stirs

Torrent River Falls and Salmon Ladder

The Torrent River runs hundreds of miles from the western slopes of the Long Range Mountains to the sheltered shores of Ignorachoix Bay. Its ecosystem is exceptionally complex. It is flanked by energetic lands and provides support for an abundance of life; plants, fish, insects, birds and mammals. For all wildlife, yawning dark pools provide an ideal venue to rest, to hunt and to hide. Shallow rapids keep oxygen levels high. Leaf litter collects behind fallen logs and branches, adding nutrients to the water.

The Torrent River is a haven for Atlantic Salmon. This is where they come in abundance to spawn. Eggs will hatch and develop before their long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, and return to the Torrent River to continue their lifecycle.

Here at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation, you’ll hear the remarkable story of the Torrent River and where nature has regained harmony due to the care, voracious will, creativity and passion of the people who call Torrent River their very own. This may very well be one of the earliest and most inspiring green projects of our time.

Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center

The Torrent River Nature Park and Visitor Information Centre is located at the mouth of the powerful Torrent River. This unique, Salmon-shaped centre is equipped with a comfortable, wheelchair accessible, theatre. It was completed in 2006 and is proudly owned and operated by the resourceful people of Hawke’s Bay.

Step inside our Salmon Interpretation Center and explore the exhibits. Hear the tale of the Torrent River.

Uncover the history of Hawkes Bay and the evolving relationship forged between the Town and the river that runs through it. Discover the story of the Atlantic salmon: a local, global and sometimes confounding tale of progress, pollution, politics, greed, ignorance, apathy and, above all, hope.

Descend into the underwater viewing chamber for a chance to stare a wild Atlantic salmon in the eye. Have a chat with a student researcher and discover ongoing efforts to study and protect the Torrent’s valuable salmon stocks.


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