Fly Fishing Delights Salmon Dinner – A Tremendous Success!

1 07 2011

The Fly Fishing Delights Salmon Dinner at the Torrent River Salmon Symposium was all we hoped it could be and more! Saturday June 25th at 6:30pm the evening started and it was an engaging and entertaining time from the start! So much happened in such a short period of time it seemed!

The evening began with the meal – a delicious tossed salad served by the staff of Maynard’s Torrent River Inn, followed by a perfectly cooked Atlantic Salmon fillet (cooked as it should be with a touch of maple syrup), mashed potatoes and veggies. A maple dessert with tea or coffee were deliciously enjoyed as the evening really began. Don Hustins brought a short presentation introducing intrigued guests to his book “Rivers of Dreams”. An auctioned item – a framed limited edition Blue Putee salmon fly – rapidly sold for $400.00 with proceeds going to support ongoing work and development of the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center.

The Fly Tying Reception was an incredible opportunity for locals and visitors to meet authors Mike Crosby and Don Hustins, as well as to engage with fly tier Hans van Klinken. Hans tied a number of flies and welcomed guests to take a couple with them. The women were especially thankful for the men to be shooed aside so they could take home a fly hand tied by children from Holland – brought to Canada just for them!

Our special guest speakers were the highlight of the evening. Kate Blubaugh, ambassador of the International Women Fly Fishers from Reno, spoke from her heart as she shared with the women of the audience about the birth of her love for the art of fly fishing and it’s ability to unite people – both men and women – regardless of age, origin or race. It was an honour to share our river, our hearts and the evening with her. Hans van Klinken, fly tier, author and photographer from Harskamp, Netherlands, share also about the birth of his passion for fly fishing as a young child growing up in rural Holland. He spoke of his love for Newfoundland and our unique rivers, as well as his experiences fly fishing for a number of different types of fish around the world. His humour and heart were a welcome guest around the table and the room that evening.

The evening then closed with a number of thank-yous to our incredible sponsors who made the evening such a tremendous success – Oh and yes – we can’t forget the traditional Kitchen Party in Bristol’s Pub! What an evening – it’s one we won’t soon forget!

Enjoying a delicious dinner !


Enjoying dinner

Don Hustins shares an excerpt from "Rivers of Dreams"


Taking home a fly tied by Hans


And now the women get a turn! Picking a fly tied by a child frmo Holland!


Paul White, author of “Fishing for Reality”, auctioning the “Blue Putee”

Kate Blubaugh shares of the ability of fly fishing to unite and heal the hearts of women


Hans shares his love of fly fishing all over the world!


International fly tier, Hans van Klinken, poses with local Hawke's Bay resident Andrew Sinnicks, holding a framed "Ned" tied by Andrew - a fly designed by Ned Sinnicks of Hawke's Bay.


Regina Rumbolt poses with Hans van Klinken and Kate Blubaugh


From one fisherman to another - Ashley Baker poses with Kate Blubaugh, ambassador for the International Women Fly Fishers




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