Paying Tribute to Rufus

1 07 2011

Rufus Guinchard has always been an integral story in the history of the Town of Hawke’s Bay, NL. Many of Rufus’ dear friends and family still reside in the picturesque town and his memory lives on in their hearts but also in the music he left behind. As the Symposium plans moved forward it seemed only fit that we pay tribute to Rufus Guinchard – the man and the music that left such a mark on our community but on the world, as well.

Friday June 24th began the Torrent River Salmon Symposium with the Tribute to Rufus Guinchard musical event. To look around the room and see such a vast audience of people reminded each of us of the vast impact of the man. We began the night by welcoming mayor Lloyd Bennett to bring a tribute. Lloyd knew Rufus for a number of years and shared parts of Ruf’s story with the audience, highlighting his achievements (being awarded the Order of Canada) and his fun loving personality (that was always up for a game or several of crib before the evening darkened). It was a beautiful tribute that showed the depth of friendship the two shared but also the heart of the man that younger generations have not been blessed to know.

The entertainment for the evening was perfectly chosen. Daniel Payne played a number of Ruf’s good ole tunes on the fiddle, Ruf’s instrument, and the audience tapped their feet and clapped their hands along to the lively beat of the original scores. Anita Best shared the stage with Daniel by sharing stories of Ruf’s life on the road with a band half his age and the energy that helped him keep up with them. Anita also brought a number of beautiful unaccompanied pieces to the audience.

It was a beautiful evening of memories and music – one which I suppose Rufus himself would have enjoyed.

Enjoying the Tribute given by Lloyd Bennett











Daniel Payne plays one of Rufus Guinchard fiddle tunes.


Anita Best sings a beautiful song unaccompanied.


Daniel Payne and Anita Best preform a French number!


Enjoying the entertainment.


Uncle Manuel Milks the Cow!



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