Kids Water Camp

1 08 2011

Kids Water Camp was the perfect way to beat the 27 degree heat on July 26th here at the Torrent River! It was a bright sunny day. We had spent the morning filling pools and buckets with water, prepping hundreds of water balloons. We were covered with flour from rolling out thirty salmon shaped pizza doughs not to mention the candy and string we spent an hour untangling!

Nikita and I were thankful to have the Green Team with us that morning! Brady, Matthew, Diana and Ashlyn started bright and early pulling things together with us – all in preparation for 2:00pm when the kids would arrive. We were prepared for maybe 17 and with our numbers from previous kids camps as our guides we were hoping we might reach that many kids.

When 1:30pm the chaos really started – that is, the kids started arriving! They started coming early and all afternoon more kids kept joining us! We had 27 kids in attendance! And the parents stayed as well to see all the fun! So, there was quite a crowd on site that day!  

We began by having all the kids decorate their own salmon shaped kid size pizzas! They were the perfect snack size! I was sceptical at first when Nikita posed the idea but we went with it  – and the kids LOVED it! Pepperoni, salami, sauces and cheese got passed around and each kids made their own, leaving them for our capable staff to cook while the kids had all the fun!

We had a ton of great water games for the kids to play! Water balloon tossing game, bobbing for apples, a water balloon salmon habitat learning game, build a salmon with marshmallows, build a salmon’s armour, etc! The kids were soaked! We were soaked! And it was a riot!

Right before the kids were done their games we headed back to grab those salmon shaped pizzas we made  – finishing the day with a delicious lunch!

Big thanks go out to the Green Team for helping make the day possible!  Looking forward to seeing all you kids back next year for even more fun at the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Center!


Getting Started


The dough is all ready for the Salmon Pizzas!


Everyone Gets One!


Toppings All Around!


Sauce All Around!




Bobbing for Apples


Sometimes you need a little help!


Brady gets one for the Green Team!


Water Balloons Always Equals FUN!


Salmon Redd Game


Almost Ready to GO!




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