Kids Camp at the Torrent River Salmon Symposium

1 07 2011

The Torrent River Salmon Symposium was the place to be for kids on June 25th -26th! We planned a kids camp full of pirates, superheros and salmon – our specialty! We aimed for a jolly big crew and boy did we ever get them!

Saturday June 25th the kids starting off on a Geocaching Adventure. After a short presentation by summer student Cherell from the Department of Environment and Conservation and an introduction to Geoaching, Newfoundland Rangers, Dean Smith and Garcian Plowman, led the kids by GPS in Ranger formation off into the great “unknown”. Although they didn’t find their geocache, the kids placed their own and made their way back to a pleasant surprise! International fly tier, author and photographer Hans van Klinken was ready to show the kids the ins and outs of fly tying! And also Kate Blubaugh ambassador for the International Women Fly Fishers was ready to teach the kids how to cast a line – with a pink fishing rod! The kids got to spend lots of time with each of the special guests and even got to take home fishing flies tied by kids in Holland – Hans’ native land! Thanks to Mrs. van Klinken – we got a ton of great photos to share with you! Check them out below!

Sunday June 26th the fun continued for our kids and we played with the pirates and superheros theme a bit more! The kids started off on a great hunt – the treasure was a map! Kind of a little weird eh?! But that map helped the kids learn all about the unique and special migration routes of our Atlantic Salmon! With more games, a trip to the Torrent Falls, snacks and the chance to make their very own treasure, it turned out to be a beautiful day – and a whole lot of fun!

Check out all of the pictures from the kids time below!

Kate Blubaugh teaching Casting

Newfoundland Rangers - Dean Smith and Garcian Plowman

Lesson time with Ashley


Picking out flies made by kids in Holland


Girl loves fly tying too!


Boys learning how to cast with Kate Blubaugh


Picking out flies made by kids in Holland


Getting a quick lesson from Hans van Klinken


Never too young to learn something new!




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