Symposium Hosts International Speaker – Kate Blubaugh

17 05 2011

The Salmon Symposium is the place to be for women fly fishers. The river may once have been known as the man’s territory but not any longer! Kate, an internationally known woman fly fisher, offers a new perspective on fly fishing to women who want to tell the story of the big catch. You can read her bio on her personal website listed below or read a little of what she’s doing in Newfoundland this summer at Tuckamore Lodge.

Bio of Kate Blubaugh
“Kate Blubaugh from Reno, Nevada, USA, is an enthusiastic fly angler and an accomplished caster. In the last six years, Kate Blubaugh has and continues to be a participant at sport shows in the States and you can find Kate in Europe demonstrating and teaching fly-casting to the public at several sport shows”.

Kate Blubaugh

Womens Week at Tuckamore Lodge
“Take advantage of exceptional fishing and a unique wilderness experience that will surely be a dream of a lifetime. Grab your rod and a friend and head out to beautiful Tuckamore Lodge in Newfoundland, Canada. Learn how to cast a fly line, tie on a salmon fly and catch your first ever Atlantic Salmon”.

Interview with Kate
To get a preview of Kate’s thoughts check out this interview of her thoughts and experiences on a river in Norway.




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