Symposium Hosts International Speaker – Hans van Klinken

17 05 2011

The Salmon Symposium will host international speakers, one of which is Hans van Klinken. To learn more about Hans you can read his bio on the link below or to learn more about Hans interest in Newfoundland check out his article entitled: “Why Atlantic Canada and Why Newfoundland?”

Bio of Hans van Klinken
“Hans van Klinken lives in Harskamp, a little village in the center of Holland. He is a veteran instructor and teacher for the Dutch army. Hans began bait angling at the age of six in a nearby lowland brook. Seven years later, during a family holiday in Norway and while using a spoon, came his first salmon (9 kg). In 1971 he began fly-fishing for Arctic char and Atlantic salmon using his father’s cane rod and by age sixteen he was travelling alone to fish in Scandinavia“.

Hans van Klinken

Why Atlantic Canada and Why Newfoundland?
“The answer is quite simple. I wanted to study and discover the crucial similarities of an Atlantic salmon taking (dry) flies in Norway as opposed to Atlantic Canada. My ultimare goal was to find out why a salmon takes a dry fly aggressively in certain rivers and yet refuses to come to the surface in other streams” (Hans van Klinken).




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